Em Grace & the Undercuts

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"VOID" is a poignant reflection on inner turmoil and the desire to escape from emotional burdens.

The song delves into the fear of witnessing loved ones suffer and the guilt of wishing for emotional detachment to ease the pain of separation. It's a raw exploration of vulnerability, fear, and the complex dynamics of love and loss.

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    Void 4:02

"you cannot ghost me" live at beat kitchen


Em Grace & the Undercuts are a rebellious queer force from Chicago, IL blending punk rock with the baritone electric ukulele. 

From sold-out shows to diy venues, Em Grace and the Undercuts electrify audiences and have self-released two singles, “Void” and “I'm Addicted Too”.  

We are not just simply a band.  Our performances bring you to a world where you can feel empowered in your body  and let off some emotional steam.  We not only entertain you, but we bring you laughter, dancing, and some beautiful music.  Our songs touch on attachment styles, addiction, sexuality, identity, fighting for body neutrality in an anti-fat society, consent and so much more.  All I want is to genuinely sing my songs in hopes it inspires  you to love yourself and love the whole journey

Hell Yeah Brother,

 Em Grace

Just a peach t-shirt

It's Just a Peach T-Shirt

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Photo by Victoria Marie Photography

Photo by Victoria Marie Photography

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Photo by Jared Holt PHoto



‘I’m Addicted Too’ is a queer sonic tapestry with each instrument shimmering as a bright thread yet all coming together in a graceful picture.” - Nicole Mendes

The Other Side Reviews

Em Grace & the undercuts

Em Grace

How It Started

Em Grace's music journey started in her parent's suburban backyard where she wrote her first folk-punk songs on the ukulele. She hit the ground running when she moved to Chicago and started mastering her craft at the underground comedy scene (RIP Shithole).  Her song 'Fuck Right Off' was always a crowd pleaser.

For 5 years she was performing her original songs weekly in front of bigger audiences and venues.  She held an artist residency at the speakeasy, The Drifter, where she explored adding a burly flair to her performance.  

After independently releasing two EPs, 'Waves of Grief' (2021) and 'Peach Tree' (2019) she longed for an even bigger sound.

The Undercuts

the band

After a few variations along the way, Em Grace & the Undercuts was fully formed in 2022 with Rachael V. on drums, Sage on Bass and Jess on Electric Guitar.  

They self-booked their first tour in June 2023 and released their first single, "I'm Addicted Too", as a full band in October of 2023. You can find the band playing monthly all over Chicago.

Em Grace & the Undercuts aren't going anywhere will continue make music together getting more punk and hotter than ever before.